Balance ownership,
consumption and responsibility

Invest into oil industry worldwide via fiat and cryptocurrency. Join now to become part of OIL BILLION


How facility owners can join oil.vision

Oil vision invests into oil industry worldwide

We can negotiate acquisition, modernization, management or partial acquisition

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Invest into oil

10% of the platforms
revenue goes into
Oil Billion Fund

People around
the globe
& professional


18% return rate
on investment

oil.vision invests
into oil facilities


For investors

oil.vision provides a tool for investing in the oil sector of the economy.

Interest earned on the investment is calculated and paid on the 15-th date of each month. The interest rate depends on contract terms, but cannot be less than 18% per year.

Early investors will receive a part of the oil billion as a free bonus.


For businesses

oil.vision is strieving to expand the portfolio of facilities in the oil industry around the world.

Every facility go through technical, financial and management audit.

Compliance to Japanese Kaizen quality standard is also mandatory for every facility joining oil.vision.

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Oil industry job listing

oil.vision will also balance the professional labor market in the oil industry.

Your professional qualities and achievements will be in demand. Full-scale launch of the job listing (platform) is scheduled for Q4 2018.

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For professional investors and funds

Investments starting from $100,000 or for over 5 years period qualify for special terms.

Because "long-term loans/money" allow to plan production and technological chains in a confident and reliable way.

Commissioning time of a new facility, production modernization or entrance to a new market are operated on a five-year cycle basis.

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Up to 21% yearly return rate

Investments are available worldwide

Digital assets backed by real sector economy (oil industry worldwide)

Security. All crucial transactions are made outside of platform by human operator

oil.visions operating company is registered in Japan

Payments are available in fiat and cryptocurrency

Sufficient funding from day one. We are not dependent on external funding to develop the project

Oil Billion Share - a special fund for a oil industry of the oil.vision project

investment never was that easy before

Bank card

Crypto currency

Swift remittance



  • Japanese yen
  • Kurokin
  • Oil Vision Snare
  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Japancoin

Road map

2015 2018 2019 2020 2022 2024

Vision born

First facilities
are ready to join

Platform v1.0 launch

Fully functional
market & exchange launch

Own oil industry job listing launch

Oil stock exchange entrance

oil.billion concept starts truly shine