Oil is everything

Oil is a natural resource and foundation for economy. It creates wealth for whole nations. All modern world is created because of oil. Fuel and chemical industry depends on it as well as it is part of agricultural fertilizers, plastics, polymers and high-tech materials.

We apply blockchain technology in oil industry. Via crypto coin Kurokin we tighen real sector of the economy with modern decentralised systems. Kurokin together with oil.vision project creates an opportunity for easy and transparent investitions into oil industry worldwide.

How Kurokin is used by oil.vision

We accept kurokin as payment for any oil.vision product.
Essentially, paymenets are made in Kurokin currency and later on proceded in fiat money.

Equal opportunities for all participants

We do not do mining in advance,
i.e. all have an
equal opportunities.


  • Scrypt PoW
  • RPC port 9888
  • P2P port 9888
  • Block reward 50 coins
  • Total coin supply 88m coins
  • Premine percent 0
  • First letter of the wallet address J
  • Coinbase maturity 8 blocks
  • T timespan 3.5 days
  • T confirmations 4 blocks

Avaliable mining pools:

A new mining pool can be listed here for free if the following parameters are met: award is granted withing 10 mintues after block confirmation. Comission is 0.2%

Get in touch via Telegram

Kurokin can be traded on our Exchange market. Starting price for the coin will be 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC). Right after the price will be formed based on active orders on Exchange market. During year 2018 Kurokin will be placed on other exchanges as well.

Stay tuned.