What is Oil.Vision?

The Oil.Vision project is an investment platform managed by the Japanese company eKen. We invest in the oil industry around the world. In our project we use both traditional investments in yen and modern investments in cryptocurrency.

How does Oil.Vision work?

We work in the real sector of economy.

Oil.Vision includes operating enterprises of the oil industry. Each enterprise entering Oil.Vision passes obligatory technical, financial and management audit and the Japanese model of perfection of processes
Kaizen is introduced into the management system.

The Oil.Vision project provides oil companies with a tool to attract investments. Investors have the opportunity to receive income from the oil industry. Attracting long-term investments allows you to create production and technological chains reliably. Putting an enterprise into operation, upgrading it or entering a new market is based on a five-year plan.

I am the owner of the enterprise. How do I join the project?

We are looking forward to adjoining any company in the world that works directly or indirectly with the oil sector: Research, Production, Transportation, Refining, Equipment, Service, Sales and etc.


We take an unbiased look at our strengths – we are not able to buy all the companies offered for sale at once. Therefore,
we set priorities.

First of all we will try to adjoin the companies which complement the existing enterprises. For example, having an oil refinery we will be interested in extracting, transporting and selling finished products located in the direct economic field of the first plant. This will reduce costs and increase profit.

Secondly we are considering enterprises that can become the center of the technological chain to include other enterprises.

To begin negotiations on accession you simply send us the information using the contact form. We will carefully study each proposal.

We have developed several typical interconnection programs for you to become a part of our project. Each enterprise will pass an obligatory audit by our specialists.


1. Direct Sale Program
The owner sells 100% of the company. We simply buy your company and it fits into the technological chains of the oil.vision Project.

2. Share Program
We buy 75% + 1 share of the enterprise and you invest money gained from the sale in the Oil.Vision project for a period of 9 years. The owner retains 25% of the income from his enterprise and receives income from the investment contract.

This option is somewhat more complicated but has a number of advantages. Though not suitable for all owners, this is a popular working model so we have allocated it to the standard program of accession.

3. Management Program

The owner of the property retains ownership and we take the enterprise into operational management while receiving part of the income. This is a simple affiliation program. It gives us a possibility for a swift technological expansion while linking all the enterprises into a single structure.

4. Individual Program

You cannot foresee everything. So we are ready for any counter proposals from the owners.

I want to invest my money in the Oil.Vision project. How does it work?

The Oil.Vision project is just one of the investment tools. Please pay attention to the Golden Rule of Investment and make sure that by providing your trust to any of the investment tools you do not use your last or borrowed money!

The Oil.Vision Project is interested in long-term investments because the remodelling of enterprises takes a long time. Attracting long-term investments allows you to create production and technological chains steadily and reliably.

We have developed a program which allows our investors to yield up to 21% per annum during up to 9 years of investment.

To become an investor you need to:

  • make a deposit in yen or cryptocurrency;
  • set up an investment contract by specifying in which currency you want to receive payments;
  • select the term of the investment contract;
  • make the minimum investment of 10,000 yen.

What is the Oil Billion Fund?

Oil Billion is a fund created for investing part of the profit of the Oil.Vision project. The creation of the foundation was inspired by the example of Norway. Wikipedia:

The Government Pension Fund Global, also known
as the Oil Fund, was established in 1990 to invest the surplus.

Everyone can become a member of the fund. At the stage of formation of the Oil Billion fund we give out its shares for free as an encouragement for early investments in the oil.vision project. Formation of the fund will be completed with the distribution of 1 billion shares of the fund. Find out more

How secure is Oil.Vision from technical perspective?

Essentially, Oil.Vision project consists of three parts:

  1. Informational website, market and user dashboard live at https://oil.vision/
  2. Financial operations center
    1. Due to security reasons, all deposit & withdraw operations are executed
      by human operators manually and therefore take up to 12 hours to proceed. Automatic check
      is also performed to exclude human factor.
    2. This system’s part is not accessible from Internet and therefore invulnerable
      to classic hacker attacks.

There is also a bounty program in place.