Oil.Vision strives to build a portfolio of facilities from all areas of the oil industry: oil exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing.

Such concept implies lower costs and increased profits for given production unit with the growing number of participants.

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Moloscovitsy refinery plant in Russia

Moloscovitsy refinery plant is located near Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The plant produces gasoline, diesel fuel and mazut. Ust-Luga, the largest Russian port in the Baltic sea and countries like Estonia and Finaland are in close proximity to the plant. It allows Moloskovitsy to export finished products by sea, rail and road transport.

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Rail carrier "Oil.Vision Cargo"

Oil.Vision takes part in creation of a transport company "Oil.Vision Cargo", which will carry out transportation around the world. In particular, rail carriers will be formed in Russia to transport crude oil and finished products for export and domestic use.

The company establishment will allow to eliminate renting costs and avoid intermediaries commissions creating an opportunity for extra income through leasing transportation services provision.

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Company is about to be launched.

"Nizhneomrinskaya Neft" - oil producing company

Since 2005 Nizhneomrinskaya Neft has been producing oil in Russia. The work is carried out on Nizhneomrinsky oil field in the Komi Republic. The company has an operating fund of more than 500 wells and does not depend on the state or corporations with state participation.

Negotiations are under way to include the project into Oil.Vision.

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