Nizhneomrinskaya Neft company operates in Ukhta city, the Republic of Komi, Russia. Since 2005, the company has been producing and exploring oil in the Nizhneomyrinsky oil field. This is one of the most promising oil production facilities in the region. Primary gas and oil pipeline and a railway are located nearby.

The company’s drilling stock includes 540 wells. 106 wells produce oil, other 197 are canned for future production. The reserves deposit a total of 22 000 thousand tons of ABC1 oil and 4600 thousand tons of class C2 oil. This is aprox. 8 827 fully loaded rail carriers. With the current level of consumption of the “Moloskovitsy” refinery facility this the field will last for 26 years.

The activities of Nizhneomrinskaya Neft for oil production and exploration were licensed for a period until 2081.
License SYK 13668 NE confirms the right to use subsurface resources.

The company is an independent producer and does not participate in product share agreements. The company’s assets are more than ¥ 165 000 000 [ $ 1 500 000 ]. Statutory capital is formed without state or public investments.

Since 2016 Nizhneomrinskaya Neft is a member of Association of Independent Oil and Gas Producers organizations ASSONEFT. Since the end of 2017 there is ongoing negotiation to make the company a part of the Oil.Vision project.