Moloskovitsy oil refinery is located 100 kilometers from St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. 

The refinery plant has direct railroad access to

  • international sea port of Ust-Luga (60 km)
  • sea port of Saint-Petersburg, Russia (100 km)
  • Estonia’s state border (50 km).

The port of Ust-Luga, the largest port in the Baltic, is the main export direction for Moloskovitsy oil refinery.  The port reaches many countries of the EU: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France and England.

Oil refining

The refining never stops, as refinery operates 24 hours a day.  Oil tank cars deliver oil to the refinery by rail. The refinery has 5 rail sidings to store oil and raw materials. The refinery can store a monthly oil reserve on its territory.

As the result of crude oil processing, the plant has finished products:  petroleum (14%), diesel (45%), mazut (33.5%) and gas (4.5%). Finished oil products are distributed to storage and shipping tanks.

Modernization of the refinery will have two stages:

1. Production Launch

Oil.Vision will invest ¥ 2 500 000 000 [ $23 000 000 ] in production launch. The amount of investment is based on the current production capacity required for uninterrupted operation of the plant during the first six months, including:

  • cost of the launch;
  • wage funds;
  • leasing of transport and shipping containers.

2. Modernization

Oil.Vision will invest¥20 000 000 000 [ $ 180 000 000 ] in additional equipment to increase the refining capacity. As part of the modernization process all areas of the refinery will be expanded and updated:

  • Loading and unloading The capacity of the existing tank truck loading station will be increased by 1.5 times.  In addition, another station with increased capacity will be built. The overall capacity will triple.
  • Storage . Storage park will expand more than 10 times. The maximum volume of the refinery’s reserves will grow from 2,500 tons to 33,000 tons.
  • Refining The refinery has oil processing unit H-300 with a capacity of 300 tons per day It is planned to build 6 plants with the capacity of 600 tons per day each, this will ensure the processing volume of more than 110,000 tons of oil per month.
  • Additional equipment In order to maintain the throughput capacity of the refinery, the number of buffer tanks will be increased and additional diesel generators, boilers and pumping stations will be installed. The units will compensate for the increased workload on the refinery.

The future of the refinery

The plan for the development of Moloskovitsy oil refinery includes a comprehensive expansion. The gradual launch of new equipment will increase the capitalization of the plant and its production capacity.  According to early estimates based on technical characteristics of the equipment, modernization of the plant will increase its profitability by 15 times, to ¥ 350 000 000 [ $ 3 000 000 ] per month.